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canadian newbie checking in

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canadian newbie checking in

just saying hi

40 years old and been baking for 15 years

bake bread weekly and enjoy sourdough baking

also am a homebrewer and make malt my own barley,rye and wheat

i use malt in almost all my bread recipes

anyhow glad to be here and hope to expand on my baking pastime


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from another Canadian, a few km north of London, On.


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Thete are quite a few of us Canadians here and our host, Floyd lives in Vancouver. I am in Northwestern Ontario right at the head of Lake Superior. 

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Yes, I'm in Vancouver. The site itself is hosted in the GTA as of January.

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Great combination! They seem to go hand in hand. Does all the yeast floating around your place ever give you any problems with off flavors in your beer, due to wild yeast? I jumped from brewer to baker, so the two haven't crossed paths. 

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Welcome to TFL! I’m a newbie and by that I mean a newbie to baking sourdough bread. Can’t wait to share experiences especially what flour you use. I’m still playing around with that here in Quebec.

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from a Saskatoon baker :) I also do a lot of sourdoughs. Hope you find the site as supportive and helpful as I have.