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Have rye berries...can I mill my own rye flour?

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Have rye berries...can I mill my own rye flour?

The only rye flour I can find locally is white/light rye. I can, however, easily find rye berries. Can I mill those using my mill and just use that instead? Thanks!

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Absolutely!  I do it all the time. Yours breads will love it. But be careful about how much you use. A little bit goes a long way.

Rye is like steroids for starters.

IMO, the nice thing about grain berries is the fact that they keep for years. Not so with store bought whole grain flour.


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Your breads will taste better with freshly milled flour. And you can also make coarser grinds for different European kinds of rye breads that call for it.


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I've been milling my own rye flour for 5 years now and it has worked great.   I use it for my rye starter which goes to make my Jewish Sour Rye.   I get my berries from Honeyville in 50lb. sacks and store it in my basement in plastic buckets inside a Mylar bag with a dessicant pouch. 

Enjoy your baking.  Fresh milled is great.


Big Crusty

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I grind rye by first getting a coarse grind on a Marga mill (that can also be used as schrot), then grinding fine in a Vitamix machine. I don't touch the supermarket bags since getting two bags with insect infestation several months ago.

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Dear I can't bake at all,

I've been milling rye berries for 4 years since I bought my mill and love the results.   As a matter of fact I have to mill some tonight.  I live in Wisconsin and also just attended our Farmshed Open House and found a farmer who grows organic rye, wheat and ancient grains. If you need a source you can contact him at 920-418-2676 or or  They also mill all their berries if you want flour.  You can buy in 1, 2, 5 25 an 50# bags retail and wholesale.


Good luck!  You love the fresh milled rye. It makes really delicious bread.



Big Crusty