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Spelt And Altus

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Spelt And Altus

This weekend’s bread was mostly spelt with a rye starter and some of last week’s leftover bread (altus). 

400 gr whole spelt (fresh ground)

270 gr water

6 gr salt

80 gr refreshed rye starter ( 100% hydration)

100 gr altus*

-autolyse spelt and water about 2hrs

-mix in starter, rest a bit, mix in salt and altus

-bulk ferment with occasional folds about 5 hrs

-preshape,shape proof in fridge overnight

-bake at 475 F covered for 20 min, 425 F uncovered for 20 more mins

*the altus was last week’s ww bread, crust removed, soaked in water and then squeezed out. 


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That looks great ! Love that dark rich color . Could swear it had molasses in it . I bet the flavor is very full. c

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Nice loaf of bread with great oven spring, holes and color. How does it taste?


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Trailrunner and Pul- 

It tastes great - soft and complex. And I swear only whole grain flour (the main dough, the altus, and the starter) plus water, salt and starter cultures. It actually does taste a bit sweet- probably some malt is present in the grain. I’m really having fun with 100% whole grain bread. I’ll look in on what you guys are baking :-)


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Looks tasty. Ive made several loaves using Altus recently. Good way of using up failed loaves !!  One of the nicest I've made is using a flax Altus. 

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it is a great way to used unloved bread. In our house, the last of the old bread never gets eaten when a new loaf comes out of the oven. This was a nice way to recycle it, and I believe it made the bread a bit moister than it would have been otherwise, without the structure problems that can happen with just raising hydration. 

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Spelt makes a beautiful bread.