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No Touch Trailrunner Method 2 Ways – One Sourdough and 1 Fig Yeast Water

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No Touch Trailrunner Method 2 Ways – One Sourdough and 1 Fig Yeast Water

Lucy was more giddy than usual with this week’s baking experiment that actually ended up making bread instead of a scientific oddity – as seen on TV.  The premise was simple enough.  Do as little as possible and then do less than that but still squeeze in moderate glass of wine – in a plastic glass of course.

They don’t let the Inmates here have real glass and rightfully so and no stainless steel or metal of any kind for that matter.  At least the menu is mainly bread and water and that is where this post gets interesting ….we had to make 2 loaves for all the special ones trying to steal my tooth paste and floss when not using them or even after wards in case of the floss.

This post also has a bunch of important history in it that goes back, well….. nearly half a week by now which is especially a good thing as I get older, my memory gets weaker and forget what happened during say the Aroostook War of 1838 and 1839 in Maine, where 550 Americans and British died.  There was no combat but the ‘pork and beans’ were apparently very bad.

A very nice bean pepper jack cheese, potato and beef chorizo breakfast baked smothered burrito with Pico on top.

The history we are trying not to forget was Trailrunner’s post this week on not doing much of anything and making a great loaf of YW/SD combo bread followed up by some No Touch Rolls.  Lucy and I have been banned from Combo YW and SD Bimbo bread after that nasty episode in 2013, that we can’t forget, but that is another story hardly related to this one if I remember right.

A crown of thorns in full bloom. 

So, we made a separate Fig YW and NMNF sourdough bread that were identical except for the leavening agent.  Each had 10% levain, 10% whole 7 grains, all in the levain, at 100% hydration.  The 7 grains, were oat, spelt, Kamut, rye, red and white wheat and einkorn.  Both were mixed all together including the salt with a spoon to a shaggy mass except for the levain which was added 1 hour later.  The hydration overall was 72% for both.  We did a whopping 10 slap and folds one each and then let each one sit for 4 hours.

This is the crumb if the darker loaf that looked like it bloomed naturally and not as much

Then we did 3 sets of stretch and folds of 4 stretches each from the compass points - all on 1 hour increments. 30 minutes after the last one we just dumped the dough into rice floured baskets, seam side down, with no shaping at all and let them proof for 2 hours before starting up the oven for 500 F pre-heat and the Mega Steam Lava Rocks on the bottom.

This is the lighter loaf that looked like it was scored and split right down the middle.

Once hot the loaves were dumped out onto parchment on a peel and slid onto the bottom stone.  2 cups of water were poured on the lava rocks as the oven door was shut.  The temperature was turned down to 450 F for 15 minutes of Mega Steam.  When the steam came out the temperature was turned down to 425 F convection for 24 more minutes of dry baking.

All the plants with the exception of the cactus are blooming right now in the front yard.   This was the last one to bloom  today

One came out of the oven at 210 F and one read 208.f even though was taken out last but it was the 2nd one loaded.  One looks like it was scored but it wasn’t and one baked up darker even though the temperature inside was lower.  They both sprang and bloomed about equally.  So which one was the SD and which the Fig YW?


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Let me be the guinea-pig, I guess the YW is the one that split dramatically. I never baked with YW though, but from what I have read here YW seems to be much faster than SD, so I believe that effect may be seen in the split.

By the way, nice loaves and nice crown of thorns. Probably you can make YW out of it too  :)

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SD and this was also the case this time.  The YW was refreshed much closer to using as well so it was more ready to go then NMNF rye starter.   See my comment to Trail below.  It was a fun experiment and we will see who is a better guesser later today.  I was going to give both of them away but now I am only giving half of each away so I will be able to cut into them for lunch and take a peek.  Really liked your even less work bread.

Happy baking Pul

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You certainly got a burst of creativity !!  Will look forward to seeing the crumb. Am I correct in thinking the grains were all in the levain and the dough is all white ? Masterful technique ! You can do even less according to pul's latest post. I a have way too much bread made at present so it will be awhile before I can get to making anymore. I hope others carry torch to victory on Hands Off bread.  Looks great. I agree with Peter....the big split is the YW . 

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white flour, LaFama AP, is in the dough. hydration was low at 72% and it could have taken more especially the SD but we will see how the crumb came out shortly,  So now it is 2 for the Big Split  being YW.  I didn't see much speed difference between the two but the SD was a bit faster when it came to the levain build, ferment and proof.  But the YW felt wetter even though it was exactly the same hydration and flours so I would suspect I should have a mire open crumb. - we shall see.

Glad you liked Lucy's experiment and Happy baking the No Touch way Trail

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My comments cannot post days ago due to an error in the site. Are you sure they weren't shaped? Unbelievable beauties! And that score made only by microbial activity. Amazing!

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loaves.  Amazing what the bread can do when left to its own devices and we beasties.   I got up early to watch the Olympics opening ceremony.  That too was amazing and quite a light show with some VR and special effects.  The South Koreans are quite techie and ahead of the curve,

Glad you liked it Job and happy baking 

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The dramatically split one is nfnm. My experiments with yw led to bricks so I don’t have fond memories of the stuff although seeing all the pretty loaves made with it on here is making me want to give it another shot. Maybe! 😆

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ll a better idea and maybe not.  They both taste good and made fine bruschetta today for lunch.  My new son in law came in from Chicago last night and we went to farmers market this morning and there were 3 different bakeries selling their wares there.  All 3 had sourdough breads that looks good but no samples.  One had just had his oven go down so we donated some money for him to get a new one.  Everyone was walking their dogs so next Saturday Lucy will come with us   We came home and stripped the orange and Minneola trees and made some Mimosa's with some pink bubbly to go with our bruschetta - Nice!

Don't give up on YW,  The bread may not be as tasty but some breads don't need to be sour either t least I will try and think of some:-).

Happy baking Danni

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big split being nmnf .....

will wait and see


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The lighter loaf with the big split and larger holes is the NMNF sourdough.  It proves that half of the Fresh Loafians can only be fooled half of the time:-)  I have to admit that I guessed wrong too!  I had to taste it to make sure!

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Lucy is getting lazy in her twilight years....that she okay, Max and Lexi are all for simple but tasty bakes and would be happy to help taste test these beauties.

Happy Baking....and im jealous about your beautiful flowers...

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cactus which will bloom in April

Yellow and red Lantana

Red Yucca

Pink and red Firecracker

Even the Aloe Vera is blooming

Here are some blue things

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i think the blue ones could be vinca