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My Very First Focaccia Bread

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My Very First Focaccia Bread

I really am new to baking. Well, I mean baking anything that isn't from a box or partially pre-baked and frozen. So, when I used this simple and easy focaccia bread recipe, which I found online, and it actually turned out, I was just tickled. Really. I was so excited that I felt like a little kid and so I took a picture of it, ha. I didn't have any thyme but it still tasted so good. My kids just gobbled it up. I'd like to make it again when I have some herbs and other good things to add to it. But here it is, my very first focaccia bread. Actually, my very first any-kind-of-bread that tasted yummy.

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What recipe did you use?


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Thanks Abby. The recipe I used is not from this site. It's from's the link to that recipe.

Thyme Focaccia Bread




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Here is an excelent formula for Focaccia, it is my go to formula because it has always been great. Have made many varieties, onion, rosemary, thyme and this past week I did a vanilla, cinnamon,sugar to eat for breakfast (as good as any sweet roll or cinnamon bread!

Give it a try its easy, fairly quick and as far as I can tell "NO FAIL" and I am also a new bread baker

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I found a history of Focaccia Bread. It's a member of a family of common Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern flat breads. I had know idea it had so many uses and was so good for you. I included the link.

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If you're like me, baking bread can become a pretty strong obsession!  ;-)