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Double Mash, Potato, Red Malt, 10 Grain Sourdough

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Double Mash, Potato, Red Malt, 10 Grain Sourdough

With the Blue Blood Full Moon striking this week for the first time in 130 years, which won’t happen again for another 150 years, it was, if you missed it, you weren’t ever going to see it again……. unless if you are young and future medicine cures death for everyone.

Lucy is a big believer in technology and our future of Meta Verse 2.0 where we get rid of our bodies entirely and move the cloud in the next 50 years or so where you can do and be what ever you want and see a Blue Blood or any other kind of moon whenever you want.

Personally, I would rather see something else but I am sure there is something each of us would rather see, especially if you saw one this week like most of us did.  Lucy could care less about these moonie things and just wanted me to get off the white bread kick of late and get back to our roots of a more substantial bread that we prefer.  So we did.

I would like to tell you how Lucy came up with this recipe but that would require me to fib more than normal and I’m already under FISA surveillance as a Dark Side Spy as it is so, I will just note it in a special unbreakable code, using invisible ink, in a double secret memo that the FBI will likely illegally leak to Fresh Loafians later for sport.

It is my birthday today and the daughter is coming over to pick tomatoes from the garden for her special goat cheese bruschetta made with this bread - grilled.  I’m picking red romaine and salad bowl lettuce from the garden for a salad and making our special garam masala Indian sockeye salmon with saffron rice made with homemade chicken stock and a nice zinfandel.

This is not a birthday dinner because we are going to Chris Bianco’s Pizzeria tomorrow for that celebration.  But let’s back to this fine bread.  The 10 grains are red and white wheat, barley, rye, spelt, buckwheat, Kamut, emmer, oat and durum semolina.  Whole Foods bins were back in stock for a change and Lucy stocked up her pantry.

The 12% pre-fermented flour, 2 stage, bran, 100% hydration levain was made with a 12 g of NMNF rye starter, the bran from the whole grains and some of the high extraction flour.  We did a 1 hour autolyse with enough water to get the AP, HE mix up to 74% hydration with the Pink Himalayan sea salt sprinkled on top.  We stirred the salt in and then sprinkled the red malt on and then added the levain.

After 60 slap and folds everything was seemed pretty up to snuff.  When the autolyse started we took 50 g each of red wheat and oat groats and simmered them for 45 minutes in chicken stock to make a double grain mash.

We did 3 set of stretch and folds with the mash going in on the first one. Even though we drained the mash and then took some paper towels to it trying to sop up the slimy gel.  It was still going to add too much wet for this mainly AP flour bread so we sprinkled 25 g of potato flakes right on top of the mash when we added it.  This seemed to work pretty well and the dough felt lie it as about 78% hydration – still wet for sure.

We let the dough sit in the oiled bowl for 40 minutes after the last set of folds before bulk retarding it for 10 hours in the fridge.  The next morning, we let it warm up for 2 hours before we pre-shaped it and let it rest for 14 minutes before the final shape.  Make no mistake this is a wet dough but not too tough if you are used to such things. 

Wow, great bruschetta - yummy!  Grilled the bread then it rubbed with fresh garlic, my daughter schmered some herbed goat cheese followed by the cherry tomato marinated in fresh basil, onion and garlic powder olive oil salt and pepper and then drix=zzled with a balsamic vinegar glaze and topped with grated Parmesan

We dropped it into a rice floured basket for a 1 ½ hours of proofing before we fired up the oven to 500 F with the combo cooker inside.  We unmolded it onto parchment on a peel  slashed it T-Rex style and slid it into the cooker for 20 minutes of steam at the 500 F.  A larger bread  that is this wet can take the higher heat for steaming and you will cut the overall baking time while you are at it.

Lucy says not to forget that salad


Once the lid came off we baked it at 425 F Convection for 24 more minutes till it reach 207.5 F.  It sprang and bloomed well and it baked to that nice deep mahogany color we love so much.  We will get tio see the crumb tonight!

Every time we make stock in the Instant Pot we make chicken noodle soup.


12% pre-fermented flour 10 grain HE and bran 2 stage levain t 100% hydration


12% High Extraction 10 grain

76% LaFama AP FLour

5% potato flakes

2.5% Red Malt

10% dry weight Red Wheat Berries simmered in chicken stock

10% dry weight Oat Groats simmered in chicken stock

2% PH sea salt

It is important to have a good breakfast on bake day.  Here is last week's YW Hokkaido milk bread toasted with pineapple strawberry jam and butter, sausage and pepper bacon Irish white cheddar and and egg on top




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always the most interesting pics and combinations of grains! Happy Birthday!! Do like my daughter and celebrate for a week!

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Yesterday was a special birthday 66, 2/3rd of the way to Satan but still a long way to go.  At least i made it to full retirement age for Social Security:-)  This bread was tasty and grilled up nicely.  This morning will be toast as soon as the girls get back from the famer's market. Will post crumb shots then. 

Glad you liked it Trail and happy baking

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It was a treat to see the Blood Red Blue Moon this week, and especially fun, since I'm already up at that hour, so it didn't require anything special, except to look up. And having the rarity of it coupled with Whole Foods restocking its bins, well, I can't do the math, but wow, a special day, indeed. I'm glad to see that Lucy is back in the swing with her multigrain loaves. White breads are good, but limit how much of the pantry inventory can be rotated.

A beautiful loaf - enjoy!


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is giving them fits for sure but I was happy that the stuff they were out of this week I already had plenty of and the stuff they have been out of was in stock.  Posted a picture of eh bruschetta from last night  - just killer for sure went great as an appetizer for the grilled salmon, veggies, saffron rice and salad.  The wine was pretty good too.  I forgot that my daughter had gotten me a nice Bordeau for Christmas but she found it and, after we finished the zinfandel from Thursday night, it was just the cat's meow.  This bread was a hit with the daughter too and the perfect platform for he bruschetta  the real star of the show..  Glad you liked the bread and it is good that Lucy is getting back to her normal self.

Happy baking Cathy

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when you know which tfler is the op from the thumbnail image that's a 'thumbnailer' - ftr I am reading on a remote desktop connection on a 5 inch screen - thumbnail is less than a cm but has dabrownman all over it !

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coopers, on the thinnest of evidence, would say no doubt about it ....this safe was cracked by dabrownman!  It is nice to have 'a look' and some sort of consistency though.  Glad you like the bread it is a tasty and healthy one for sure.  The malt really comes though in the color of the crust and flavor.  Maybe red malt is not as good as a flavor enhancer as Toadies but it is a close 2nd. .

|Happy baking Ken   

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Hopefully my birthday greeting emojis came through! So how does it feel to be 66? I will be hitting the big 6 0 in July. 🙄 Somehow, I just don’t feel that old. Oh well, they say age is just a number if you have your health!

That is a gorgeous loaf and tell Lucy that I am glad she is back including a variety of grains and getting away from the white bread kick. I am always amazed at the open crumb she gets from such a large amount of whole grains. Oh, and great save with the potato flakes. I have to remember that one!

I am so jealous that you have fresh produce at this time of the year! That bruschetta is amazing!


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One of the things I tell people is that going broke when you are old is really terrible because eventually you have to start drinking rot gut wine in ever larger bottles.  No one wants that.  So plan on spending $7 a day, including tax, on a glass of wine for two or $2,555 a year for average tastes.  For special occasions you can skip a day and splurge on a nice one.  That means, to last a normal retirement, taking 4% out a year so you never run out of decent wine, including adding 3% to the cost every year for inflation, you need to have saved up $63,875 just for wine by the time you are 65.  If you tastes run more top  shelf or you want 2 glasses a day you can double that.

I think the crumb io this one came out fairly open and pretty typical for an AP loaf at a higher hydration.  The bran levain makes for less gluten cutting and a bit more tang too.  66 feels a lot more old than 60 did but I am not in the best of health with diabetes and all that goes with it.  Still ,men my age that make it to 66 should last a bit longer and I should at least get to 80. plus my dad is 86, still living on his own and cutting grass for 92 years old ladies. I figure I will spend at least another $50,000 on wine:-)

Thanks for the birthday wishes and i'm glad yo like the bread

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So sorry I'm late to the party, but I just got back from a trip to Germany attending 4 trade shows.  Naturally just like last year I had to bring back the black death with year I'm going to wear rubber gloves and a mask the whole trip :).  I can really use some of that killer chicken soup you made...please send Lucy on a plane with a nice gallon for me!

My wife finally opened up the box on the InstaPot and made a nice chicken Marsala last night.  Once she shows me how to use it I can't wait to try it myself. She's going to make a chili today for the Super Bowl.

The bread looks fantastic and with all those goodies packed inside must taste just as good.  That bruschetta couldn't get any better...unless it was sitting in front of me :).

Hope you had a great birthday week and give Lucy a nice belly rub from her east coast buddies Max and Lexi and the gang.

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Debone 6 Chicken thighs and take off the skin but don't throw it away.  Chop 1 large onion 1 carrot and two stalks of celery.  Put veggies in pot and saute for 20 minutes.  While the saute is going on blister 5 large Hatch or Anaheim green chilies and 4 Poblano peppers on the gas grill until blackened and then put in a plastic bag to sweat for 10 minutes.  Get rid of the blackened skins and the seeds and shop the chilies.

Put the thighs, bones and skin in the instant pot on top of the veggies including the chilies.  Cover with water by 1 inch, add a bay leaf , 1/2 tsp each of smoked paprika,  dried chipotle and ancho chili powder, and coriander powder, 1 teaspoon of cumin,  2 teaspoons of Mexican oregano with 4 cloves of garlic smashed and minced and 1 large bay leaf.  Pressure cook on poultry setting or high for 15 minutes.  Let naturally release steam for 12 minutes and then release the rest of of the steam.

Fish out the thigh meat only to shred when they cool.  Re-pressurize the pot for 15 more minutes of cooking.  Let naturally release for 12 minutes.  depressurize manually.  Fish out the bones and the skins.  Check to make sure the sauce is the consistency you want and add water if you want it more soupy instead of stew like.  Add shredded thigh meat, 1 can each  of  white and black beans and 1 ear of corn kernels removed from the cob plus 2 chopped green onions and 1/8th a bunch of fresh cilantro chopped and the juice of Mexican key lime.  Saute for 20 minutes then salt and pepper to taste.  Serve with chips, pico, guacamole or  avocado slices, lime wedges, green onion, cilantro and crema.

Glad you are back from Germany and you like this bread, so sad they don't have good beer and bread there:-)

Thanks for the B- Day wishes and  happy baking Ian

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Appreciate the recipe.  Will have to try this one when I have some time as it sounds awesome.  I just refreshed the Mama starter so I can bake something later this week now that I'm starting to feel human again.  My wife's chili came out pretty good but my taste buds are still messed up from this nasty cold so I couldn't enjoy it.  At least the game was a good one!

Happy Baking and Pressure Cooking!


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Happy Birthday, DBM, and many, many more to come! 

Wishing you good health and an amazing year ahead!


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and what notes since the 2nd and we have to quit pretty soon but it won't be today.  I've got 2 full racks of whole pork belly ribs in the smoker:-)  Thanks and 

Happy baking Yippee!

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"Lucille" years before the Beatles got around to their studio throw-away/killing time "Birthday".  So with both of those in mind Happy Birthday to you and whenever to the other fuzzy 4-legged senior citizen.  As usual, the crumb looks great.

I've already leased my soul to the Cloud, figuring the annual maintenance cost of the gigabytes was less than eternal rental in a columbarium urn.  So I'm covered, at least in spirit, for the next blue/blood moon.

As far as aging goes, a story I've told very few times.  Two years ago I was being harassed in the lobby of our building by a neighbor fresh out of the lobby bar.  A little too much and too close for my comfort. After a few physical nudges by him, told him to back off, and he did.  I reported this to the police and said that my choices in mind were to break his ribs, knee or neck, or report him.  I asked the police whether I, being 65 at the time, was protected under the unique Elder Abuse laws.  And I was.  

And so are you...


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was to have Alexa play the Beatles Birthday on the Echo followed by one of my Beatles favorites, Blackbird, and then we danced to Hey Jude since that is my wife answers to when we are on speaking terms:-) 

I have several clouds including a personal one on my desk but there is hardly ever one in the sky for some reason.  Folks are more civilized around these parts - in or out of bars .  Since AZ is an open carry state and open concealed weapon permit one too, folks are naturally more easy going when they know everyone is packing  and you could be real dead for being too pushy like your neighbor:-)  Seems like everyone is an elder here in the winter time but I am glad we don't have any Elder Abuse laws.  I spend half my day, every day, being real nice o=to everyone I meet and abusing Lucy The Wonder Apprentice.  She will be 14 in May, is still pretty spry and in better shape than her abuser. for sure.

Glad you liked the bread Don Baggs

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Happy belated birthday DBM, my first visit back to TFL in some time and what a great post and delightful bread and great pictures. You are extremely lucky to have Lucy's guidance  in this endeavour well done both of you.  66 eh, well I can leave that banner in your safe hands as I will be moving to the next rung on the ladder next month and have some travel plans coming up for May and June. Back to the old country UK first  and then a couple of weeks in the South of France  where my sisters now lives and her neighbour has a wood fired oven that he wants me to use, I can see some fun coming up there, before flying to Italy and to Tuscany for a week at a luxury Resort. back to the UK seeing relatives and friends and then Home to Perth Australia.

My wife informs me she intends we will be doing more traveling this year with Canada and possibly Japan in her sights. I have yet to formulate any argument against that!

kind regards Derek

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of weeks does that count as travel plans or travel pains?  Thanks for the B-Day wishes.  Glad you liked the bread and that Lucy is full of bread surprises...Have safe travels and enjoy family and the tourist sites.  The south of France with a WFO and Tuscany sound delightful for sure - way better than Houston:-)

Happy baking in France Derek

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is a good place to be.  All the best!