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Hiya! Brand Spankin New Here!

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Hiya! Brand Spankin New Here!

Hey All,

I am so glad I found this site! I have just developed a new interest in baking bread and wanting to learn more. I have a large family and my goal is to eventually bake all our breads. I stumbled across this place searching for good (easy, simple) bread recipes. I've tried several in the recent months and sometimes I get a good loaf and other times they are just horrible! But we eat them anyway, haha. The crazy thing is that I have no idea what I've done (or not done) that has made the difference. I'm hoping I'll get some help here and learn a lot.

I love all the photos and instruction that go along with the recipes. I am very visual and these are great learning aids for me. And I love seeing the photos of the members' baking triumphs! It's awesome. I hope I'll have some photos to share soon. :)


Thanks! Happy Baking!


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You will learn a bunch here, that's for sure.  May I suggest going to the top of the page and click on lessons.  Give Lesson 1 a shot.  Its funny how just 4 simple ingredients can give you a great tasting loaf of bread.  Those same ingredients can then get munipulated into giving you a variety of different breads.

Good luck,


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Hey there Ags!

I'm new myself (although I've gaped at the awesome pics here for a while as well as reading some of the recipes).  Everyone's been really helpful and welcoming.

Have fun and look forward to seeing your results!


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Hi Ags,  This is a great place to learn techiniques and how to bake, second only to working alongside a master baker, which few of us can do. (I think I just accidentally deleted my comments on your foccaccia post, so I'll repeat here) - Congratulations!!  That first taste of homemade bread is wonderful, isn't it?  I'll second TT's suggestion for Lesson 1.

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Same boat here :)  Wanting to learn, learn, learn cuz omg, fresh bread is very yum :)  The articles on this site along with the pictures have been awesome :)  Did you try out any of the recipes on the site?  I have only used the primer for now... and a modified version of a cold rise bread recipe that I found to coincide with the homework that she gives in the primer :))  I Cheated =))  (But couldnt get my bread to rise for nothing =/)  But it worked! 




I promise that if I can share all my snow with all of you or my cold weather I will :) Don't fret, I am not a stingy snowlover :)