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Salutations from SoCal

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Salutations from SoCal


Im more of a reader than a poster but figure I may as well saw hello. Came across this sight in my early sourdough journey. As a person with multiple health conditions including a massive number of allergies there is never just a recipe I can follow as is so i set out to learn the science of ingredients and methods to more effectively substitute them.

My largest challenge in breads is that I must bake gluten free, rice free, corn free, potato free, tree nut free (except coconut and almond) vegan (no dairy, eggs, honey, gelatin, ect), low oxalate, low histamine, and low fat.Which is a tall order to say the least!

I am most interested in wild fermentation methods like sourdough and yeast waters both of which i have been more avidly experimenting with since acquiring a bakers percentage scale. I find bakers percentage invaluable to my efforts in that i can create mini batches to test a new method or ingredient without wasting in excess when they don't turn out to be worth anything more than a long process to breadcrumbs ;). I hope to be able to find more resources here for BP formulas to aid in my baking journey.