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2nd loaf - some additions

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2nd loaf - some additions

I've just done loaf #2 and included some variations.


For this loaf I have added/substituted from the original NYT recipe:


1 cup wholemeal flour (substituted for plain flour)

1/4 cup flax and sunflower kernels.

a smidgen less salt.

a smidgen more yeast




I actually left this one for slightly over 19 hours and I think it may have lost a little oomph, because it was surely a godzilla at one point.




+ another quite acceptable loaf, I think. Moist.

+ Wholemeal and seeds - this will likely cater more for our personal preferences in bread.

+ Solid crust


- Could have used a smidgen more salt.

- Might have been left a bit too long. Looking back, it might have peaked around 14 - 15 hours. Not sure.

- I'd like it to have had a bit more height.


I'll be most interested in any observations folk might have re this.