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Inspire me...

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Inspire me...

I bought a bag of mixed oatbran and flaxseed meal.

I love hearty tasting chewy whole grain breads, either wheat or rye are great.

What shall I do with the oatbran/flax? I'm sure I can incorporate it into lots of recipes I already have (I subbed some oats into a hamelman durum recipe last week and it was gorgeous), but I would love to hear anyone's ideas?!

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Lechem (not verified)
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has a heart bread that she posted not too long ago. Do a search for it. I made my own version based on her recipe and it turned out very nicely. 

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Try toasting the bran/meal mix and then soaking it a bit before incorporating it into a loaf.  Another layer of flavor......

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Mini Oven

a pan or dust the countertop and roll out dough onto it.  Roll back up to get a swirl in the crumb slice.