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Changing flour ratio in Tartine country bread

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Changing flour ratio in Tartine country bread

I am new here but have been baking bread the past couple years using a no-knead sour dough method. I have been mostly satisfied except for not having much of an open crumb. I just tried a standard recipe for Tartine country bread (with adaption for refrigerated bulk fermentation) and the results were exactly what I was looking for. I would like to increase the whole wheat from 10% to 30-50% (and maybe add rye and/or seeds) and am wondering if there are other modifications that need to be considered in making those modifications to the recipe?

Thanks, Ron

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Chad Robertson gives 800gm water to 700 wholemeal, 300 breadflour. Also 800 water to 170 rye, 830 breadflour. Same method as basic loaf.