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Sources of Whole Grain, Shortages, and More

Sources of Whole Grain, Shortages, and More

An interesting piece on the politics of bread: General Mills is petitioning the Food & Drug Administration to set the guideline that foods containing at least 16 grams of whole grains per serving are "an excellent source of whole grain" while 8 to 15 grams per serving is a "a good source of whole grain." This, of course, would be advantageous to General Mills, best known as the maker of Cheerios, Wheaties, and other whole grain cereals.

The Sunday Observer ran an entertaining piece on baking San Francisco Sourdough using one of Dan Lepard's recipes.

Life in Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe has been miserable for years, but now bread shortages are making life even more miserable there.

An interesting business profile of a bagel maker went out on the AP business wire this week.

One-time pop star Seal and his wife say they are moving to Germany. Why? For the breads.

Yet another "The Atkins Diet is Dead" article, but this one includes a nice little history and glossary of bread terms for those who've forgotten what bread is.

Recipe scan: a bread machine recipe for an Oat Wheat Bread; a Mixed Grain Bread that includes linseeds (flax seeds) and kibbled rye; and a rich sounding Banana-Raisin Bread recipe.