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If the bottom of the loaf is burning when baked in a dutch oven

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Anonymous baker (not verified)

If the bottom of the loaf is burning when baked in a dutch oven

Then here is a good idea. 

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Thanks for the link!

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I really liked the way she showed how a properly proofed dough should behave.

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Mini Oven

Thank you for making an easy to follow baking video.   

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Great video.. I agree with DanAyo that her talk about a final proof was helpful.. thanks for posting.. !


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Stuart Borken

Thanks Lechem for posting the video.  Every little detail in the technique helps.....foil on top if top is getting too dark....setting the Dutch oven in a cake pan with air buffer so bottom of the Dutch oven doesn't get too hot....dough texture so when she tilts the baneton the dough comes out....mine sticks to the inside of the banter every time and NEVER comes out like hers does.....I also over proof most of the time, now I won't.

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she is a great teacher that’s for sure. great tips too 😊


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for a combo cooker is when the top comes off and the steaming is done, you just put the top under the bottom and stack it so the bottom is shielded by the top.  I have found that it is easier to just take the lid off and let it bake dry for 5 minutes and then remove the bread from the bottom and finish baking it in the stone.  No burned bottoms either way,