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What happened to my loaf??

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What happened to my loaf??

The picture below is of my Pain de Campagne from FWSY I baked this morning. I baked the same recipe yesterday, under the same conditions, with no problems. You'll see the first loaf on the left. The second loaf was baked immediately afterward. The *only* thing I did differently was scored the second loaf by hand (whereas the loaf on the left was allowed to naturally open). Oven at 475F and used a 5q dutch oven that I've used many times before. Same baking times (30 min covered). 

Any insight would be awesome! Looking to avoid this mishap again. 


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Did the lid get put properly on the pot? Or the oven have a power surge that caused it to heat up beyond 475F? I really can’t think of anything else at the moment. 

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Right? I honestly must have done something without noticing. You may be right, maybe I didn't get the lid on properly which would explain why it did spring at *all* while baking. 

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That is the result of overheating. I think your oven is out of whack.

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when you took the lid off. 😥

? power surge