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holiday bread how to know size it will spread out to

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holiday bread how to know size it will spread out to

I found a recipe for what is called Star Bread.  Really, there are two or more that are made similar an called star bread.  King Arthur's is Cinnamon Star Bread, another one that I found online is Raspberry Snowflake Pull-Apart Bread but follows the same directions for creating the design.  Just a slight difference.  Couple of others I didn't print out.

What I want to know is this, is there a way to figure out how wide it will rise to in the second rising.  After the first rising you take it out and divide it into four equal parts and rolled out each part into 10 inch circles.  The first circle you place on baking stone and spread the filling, lay the second circle on top and spread the filling, same with third and cover it with fourth circle.  Put a 2 inch circle in the center, not cutting through, just let it be a guide.  On the outside of the center ring cut it into strips (16 total) that you twist each one and the put two together and bring ends to a point (8 points).  Looking like a star with several points.  Brush with beaten egg and cover to allow for second rise.

I plan on making it into two sets, the circles in five inches instead of the 10 inches.  But, I don't know how wide it will spread to in the second rise; I have only a small baking stone, broke my 14 inch round stone several years ago.   The stone that I have is around 9 x 14.  

Is that too small?   

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Call the baker's hotline at King Arthur flour. My impression is that the breads rise, not spreadBaker's Hotline

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Possibly. Your 9x14 should barely work for both as long as you are careful of your sizes. I would figure each star would spread to 7 inches diameter.

But just in case...Play with your stone a little bit and try to find a cookie sheet that when inverted is about the same height as the baking stone. Put your stars onto parchment and then slide them onto the baking stone with the minimal overlap onto the cookie sheet. That should work.

I think miniature would be really cute!