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Brie Flower Bread Rolls

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Brie Flower Bread Rolls

I coped this from the Breadtopia website (

I am very impressed with the outcome. The was this morning's bake:



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I really like that the recipe has both a yeast and a sourdough version. You did a great job and your picture looks more attractive than the ones on the recipe site. Well done!

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I saw that and almost made it for a party just before Christmas. I will definitely have to try it. Looks great and Danni is right it is way prettier. c

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Thanks. BTW this is the sourdough version.


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Lazy Loafer

Thanks for this link; it looks like the perfect thing to take to a party or dinner (especially as people always expect me to bring bread!). 

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So pretty and it has to be so yummy.

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the Brie Flower Bread Rolls looks delicious and thank for the link i'll make it next week

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a table pleaser.  Well done and Happy baking