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How much yeast, is it too much?

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How much yeast, is it too much?

i just found an italian bomboloni recipe originally calls for brewer's yeast (40g brewer's yeast for 1000g flour, proofed overnight on fridge). i am thinking of substituting with baker's yeast since it is almost impossible to find one in my country. i'm planning to make half of the recipe (500g flour) with 10g baker's yeast (less than half, as an article that i found stated). question is, is 10g baker's yeast too much for 500g flour (with overnight proof on fridge)? 

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Lechem (not verified)

Or sometimes called cake yeast?

And what to you mean by bakers yeast? Both fresh and dried are bakers yeast I would think.

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I've watched Italian baking and bomboloni videos and when they say lievito di birra which means brewer's yeast when translated literally to English (which also comes in fresco which is fresh and secco which is dry), they clearly point to a cake of fresh yeast. Italian bakers can enlighten us about this. Fresh yeast needs to be used in larger quantities since it's less concentrated. If that is what is needed in the recipe, I think it's just fine to use that quantity relative to that amount of flour.

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I looked for bomboloni on youtube and this one:

tells us to take 1 cube (25g) of fresh baker's yeast for 500g of flour in bomboloni dough. 

I suppose the richness of bomboloni dough varies from recipe to recipe, so the amount of yeast will vary too. Your recipe asks for 40g compressed yeast for 1kg flour, 20g - for 500g flour. If you use dry baker's yeast, then yes, 10g of yeast for 500g flour would be just enough. 


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Lechem (not verified)

Then just half everything.

40g brewers yeast for 1000g flour

= 20g brewers yeast for 500g flour

Now if brewers yeast is fresh yeast and you wish to use dried yeast then you need to divide the yeast by 3.

So you'll need 6.7g of dried yeast for 500g of flour.