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bread shrink while baking?

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bread shrink while baking?

Fixed two loaves of bread, taste real good, just ate a slice I toasted and covered with my home canned raspberry wine jelly, mmm, mmmm good.  Something that I noticed is that although the bread was over the top when it has risen, after it had baked and cooled it seems to have shrunk in size.  

It is still light and airy, has a light texture and feel as I ate it, really good, recipe is a keeper for us.  

But, I had expected it to be higher, taller loaf.  Anything I did that I shouldn't do or should do for the next time I make some?

I'm going to try to take a photo of it, will have to use the camera on the cell phone, LOL as my real camera doesn't work.  I think I need to buy a camera.  


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is what usually causes that for me. Cell Phone cameras actually are real cameras, unless you are talking about a cheap throwaway phone! LOL