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Trevor’s Cranberry Bread and...

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Trevor’s Cranberry Bread and...

So I bit the bullet and tried Trevor’s holiday cranberry bread. Let me say this is not for those new to this. My second attempt at sourdough bread and it was challenging! I didn’t get the best rise, the dough was hard to work with - the cranberries made it really heavy, the crumb wasn’t what I wanted. 

But it was delicious - dense - really dense. I realize that the dough needed more working before the cranberries were added and I would add less next time. Also, Trevor says to retard it for 20 hours, and I only did 14 due to time constraints. All this to say, I would need to fine tune this if I make it again. Abe has once again offered to help with this. 

I might actually consider using my stand mixer with this dough before incorporating the cranberries. It was a work out! I think my lack of experience and patience worked against me - so next time - should there be a next time - I won’t be afraid to work the dough more - even if it is with my hands. I figured this would be one of  his easier recipes. Right!

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Lechem (not verified)

It's a lovely bread Sharon. Good distribution of cranberries and a nice oven spring. Mine was far from perfect but it's a heck of a tasty bread which I highly recommend. We'll work on this together. 

Bon Appetit.