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Success ! ! !

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Success ! ! !

Okay, it's not 100% perfect, but hubby and I are well pleased with it.  I took a recipe from Allrecipes called Sweet Amish Bread and did a small amount of tweaking (I can't resist tweaking) by using Crisco shortening, not really happy with that aspect, but couldn't remember what the butter amount should be so went with butter Crisco.

Used 3 tablespoons of sugar in place of the 2/3 sugar, I don't want sweet bread but sandwich bread.  Measured my flour to get the correct amount and put Hot water (115 degrees) in the mixing bowl and the sugar, let the temp drop to 107 degrees then added the yeast.  It is the instant type, but decided to do that while I measured the flour.  Collected all the other pre-measure ingredients and followed the directions.  Checked at what I though looked right, checked the dough temp and it was 82 degrees.

Had put the heater in the bathroom and had it warming the room up, it was at 71 degrees and left it there until it doubled, and boy, did it grow to double the size.  Poured it onto a lightly floured plex glass we are using for a pasty board and divided it into three sections and very gently with my hands smoothed the sections into rectangles, then letter folded them.  Smoothed them out, tucking the ends pieces under and covered them with plastic wrap and let them sit for eight minutes, then did a bit more shaping to get them into a good rectangle to fit into the loaf pans.  Put two into the bathroom and turned the heater back on and placed the third one in the loaf pan covered in plastic wrap into the freezer.  Checked them 30 minutes later and the two in the bathroom had risen to about a inch from the top.  Took the one out of the freezer and wrapped it up good, into a zip lock bag getting as much air out as I could.  Then into bag for baked bread and taped it up hoping there won't be too much air that will get into the bags.  When the other two were just over the top I put a foil pan with a very wet towel in it on the bottom rack, very lightly sprinkled some water on the top and put them in the oven.  Baked 10 minutes, turned them around, spritzed them very lightly with veg oil in a spritzer then put them in for 10 more minutes.  Tented foil over as they were getting brown, turned them again and set the timer for seven minutes.  Checked the internal temp and it was at 191 for one and the one in the cast iron was at 195.  Took them out, turned them onto a cooling rack and a couple of minutes later I couldn't wait any longer, sliced the end of one off and put some butter on it.  

Oh, good.  Hubby said tastes like home made bread, good.  We will cut one in half and give to the neighbor, his wife died a few months back and he fell and broke his hip.  Since we won't eat it all up in a couple of days, he can have some to enjoy, the one in the freezer will be baked in a week or so to be enjoyed.  

It has some holes, but not big, the inside looked just like what you get from the store.  It is so light, and it had a great smell, The crust was a bit hard, but I'm not much into eating crust anyhow, so I will just cut that section off.  

Really happy with this bread baking.  Tomorrow, if I can, I want to make a cinnamon star bread.  Found it on King Arthur site.  

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We need pictures. Too bad we can’t taste, but we can eat with our eyes. ;-)

The satisfaction of pulling hot bread out of the oven never gets old. Even though our homes are air conditioned, and there is a tv in the living room, there is something primitive about baking bread.


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