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Sourdough bread help

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Sourdough bread help

Hello and Happy New Year Everyone:

I'd like say thank you for providing such great information and community. I've been following the site for some time but this will be my first post. 

So I just recently purchased a cast iron Dutch oven and am having some issues that I didn't have with my pizza stone. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Recipe is a simple Sourdough:

12 hours prior to baking feed my 100% hydration starter. Keep 20% (20g) feed 50 water 50 KA bread flour mix and let rise.

100g starter (tested and passed float test)

300g KA bread flour

245 warm water

mix into shagging mass and let autolyse for 30 mins.

add salt 10g 

mix until salt has dissolved. S&F 1x and let rest for 30 mins. Then S&F 3x's more every 30 mins.

pre-shape rest 10 mins shape into a boule and place into a cotton lined banneton and place into the fridge until the next morning usually about 16-18 hours (45 degree fridge)

next morning pre-heat oven in convection mode 1hour @500 degrees with Dutch oven inside on top of stone and  shelf below place a pan with two rolled up towels with water for steam. 

Remove banneton flip loaf onto parchment sheet, slash and place in Dutch oven @500 degrees for 20mins with steam. At 20 mins @450 degrees convection remove steam and lid and let bake until internal temp 210. Turn off oven and let loaf sit for 10 mins with oven door cracked open to dry out. 

Issues that I can't figure out:

1st) once removed from fridge and flipped onto parchment loaf immediately starts to spread?

2nd) after 20 mins in oven with lid and steam, i remove the lid and loaf is still flat and didnt spring?

3rd) after removing lid bread begins to rise and get color but does not get and ear or rise what it should?

4th) once bread is done and cooled, loaf is chewy and difficult to slice especially the bottom crust?

Thank you again for any help with these.



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seems like you’ve over proofed. I start my build the night before

165 grams flour

165 grams water

17 grams culture

next morning

Final Dough

659 grams flour

395 grams water

Add sourdough build from night before. Make shaggy dough.. autolyse for 20 min 

add16 grams of salt

make a smooth tacky dough..allow to rise 2 hours( more or less). Stretch and fold 3 times

turn out on lightly flour surface divide into 2 pieces.preshape cover and rest 20 min. Shape into loves ,into floured bannetons (I sprinkle some bran flakes in baskets makes release easier) Let loves rise 2-21/2 hours or over night. If over night I let it come to room temp. They have a soft airy texture

i preheat oven and clay bakers with lids 500*. Drop dough in slash and bake. Bread comes out lovely. Hope this helps


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Dsr303 I will take your advice and give it another try and see what the outcome is. Will keep updating.