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sourdough + commercial yeast

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sourdough + commercial yeast

lemme get straight to the point

if one had to spike up a sourdough with a commercial yeast, and the original recipe (with no added yeast) calls for 12h proofing time, how long would it take with the yeasted one? is it 12h? or maybe faster? i've tried many yeasted bread recipe calls for 12h proofing time, but the yeast amount added is just like about 1/4tsp for 300g flour. if i get to bake up a sourdough bread using 500g flour, how much commercial yeast should i add into? i don't mind the 12h waiting tho, as i myself LOVED the taste of a long proofed breads. i just want to ensure if my bread is going to rise well, just in case my starter got weak that i didn't know of

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The usual recommendation (Hitz, Hamelman) that I see for added IDY to an SD formula is .2%

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Id second that;,0.2% yeast...alternatively you could make a 50% poolish with 1/16 tsp (a pinch) for 12 hours then add to final dough with 0.75 tsp yeast. Or make a 24 hour many ways.....