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Chinese Bakery Bread Buns

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Chinese Bakery Bread Buns


I'm trying to make the buns you can buy from the chinese bakery but have been bread is very soft (good) but also cakey compared to the buns you buy from the bakery.

I've done some research and think it could be the gluten not being fully developed? I knead for 30mins because nothing changes with the dough (no window pane)...which seems too long? After 30mins there is a slight window pane (but it tears). I knead by folding and pushing with the heel of my palm and rotating 90degrees. I did notice that the dough wouldn't stretch easily and possibly teared with every knead? How do I make my bread more like the first picture?

Here is a picture of the crumb I want to achieve:

Here is a picture of my crumb:


My Recipe

500g Bread flour

280g milk

5g yeast

100g sugar

1g salt

40g butter

30g custard powder

2g vanilla extract

1 egg


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Janet Yang

Not sure what characteristics you are after, but I’m thinking of pineapple buns (named for their appearance, not for their flavor). They are made with tangzhong or water roux. Same technique used for Hokkaido milk bread. 

Here’s a link to a good recipe:


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Thanks Janet,


i'm not really after a recipe, more so advice on how to not have a cakey texture and instead get a texture like the first picture

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Hi, Yoshi:

I usual knead my dough with a mixer or bread machine.  But if I were to knead by hand, I'd autolyze the flour first, then a few stretch and fold to strengthen the dough, rest in between kneading, and knead in the salt/sugar/fat last.

Maybe the following would give you some ideas as well: