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Should I add the bread bible (rose levy) to my library?

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Should I add the bread bible (rose levy) to my library?

Hey all, I own

The bread bakers apprentice

Flour water salt yeast 

New artisan bread in 5 minutes


Tartine bread .

I got the itch to add a new book to my collection. I'm not looking for beginner books, but one with new recipes and/or methods. I've been making bread for some time and made just about every thing in these books. I was eye balling The Bread Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum. Would that book be worth $20 to me or would it be redundant knowledge from my other books? Any other book recommendations would be great. 



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Postal Grunt

RLB's "Bread Bible" is a worthwhile addition to my collection of bread baking books. It has solid, fundamental information on ingredients and techniques with some interesting recipes as well. If your cost is only $20 then by all means go ahead and buy a copy.

As far as other books go, "Bread" by Jeff Hamelman should be added to your collection as well. It's a serious book that should be considered a textbook and not a coffee table book. In past years, TFL people have enjoyed semi competitive challenges where they baked a recipe in the book sequentially on a weekly basis and then reported on their results. There aren't very many books that have results like that.

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I was not impressed with it. I would recommend Hamelmans Bread instead.

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Hamelman’s book , Bread. In my opinion his Five-Grain Levain recipe/formula alone is worth the price of admission.

My favorite bread book is, The Bread Bakers Apprentice.

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Wow, That's three for three for "Bread" I am going to check that out right now. Thanks! 


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Postal Grunt: Thanks for the feedback. : )  You know how these things work, I'll end up getting both books.

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I haven't read the book in question so can't comment on it, but fwiw, I haven't ever bought a of bread book before borrowing and reading it first. It helps that my local library has a pretty decent selection; obviously YMMV.