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Our christmas bread

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Our christmas bread

This was our Christmas bread. A combination of bread flour, stoneground red winter wheat and some barley flour. Levain and a lot of raisins, granola and some spices.

80% bread flour, 15% stoneground red winter wheat flour, 5% stoneground barley flour. 70% water. 30% levain, 20% raisins, 10% toasted granola, 2% salt and some cardamom powder and fennel seeds.

Greetings from Mexico. Have a nice baking year.


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I’d be proud to produce something that lovely.

How do the ears form on both sides? I’m assuming you score straight down.

How do you setup your steam?

”inquiring minds want to know”


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Just score quite in the center of the loaf. Use a rigid blade so don't tilt that much.

Steam as usual in a professional oven.

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Did you soak your raisins? What a great looking bloom.. well done!


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I didn't soak. Just mix the raisins with the spices the day before, so the raisins capture the aromas.

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Great baking all the way around.  Well done! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!