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The willingness to share knowledge

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The willingness to share knowledge

As I am reading and posting to the forum, an interesting thought comes to mind.

There is something special about bread bakers. From the most accomplished to those just starting out, everyone shares their knowledge. That’s not normal. In many pursuits, those that have struggled to climb to the top cautiously guard their secrets. It’s their ability to do something unique and outstanding that gives them the coveted  notoriety. If another can duplicate, or God forbide excel, their status is diminished.

But not so with bread bakers! Ain’t we so lucky...

I appreciate the help, patience, and most important the friendships that you bakers have freely given me. If I ever get good at this, I hope to ”spread the love”.


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Bread is a humbling experience. Even mighty bakers can tear hair out from recipes they have made countless times. I find it usually happens to me when I get cocky and forget my humble baking roots.

So contemplate as you knead-think good thoughts and always be kind. One never knows when they will need kindness in return.

So Thanks and Gratefulness to all and Happy Holidays to all no matter where you are in this world.

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I agree clazar123, and I cannot improve on her words.

Merry Christmas to all!


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Clazar - And "forget my humble baking roots" almost always manifests as "forgot to put in the salt" :)



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Mini Oven

Santa brought me 1.5kg essential Waitrose plain white flour. In a zipper bag.  (So thoughtful.)  

Per 100g...  fibre 2.9g  protein 10.5g  says for pastry and thickening sauces.  Fortified wheat flour.       This ought to be interesting...   I'm a Waitrose newbe.   All input appreciated!   

"forget my humble baking roots"   or "grabbed the wrong flour"   

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I often use it for pastry, cakes, batters, sauces etc. It is a ‘UK plain flour’ so good for general usage, but not bread. Have to say, I love Waitrose. They are certainly not the cheapest supermarket around, but generally good quality stuff and seem to have more of a social conscience than some. I’m more than happy to buy and use their essentials range.


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Not normal? That isn't my experience at all. I've never run into any hobbiest who wasn't delighted to share what he knew. Professionals can be a bit more closed-lipped.