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That Pesky Baguette Seam

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John Smith

That Pesky Baguette Seam

Good morning all! This is my first post and I'm going to be asking for help.

I am a baguette fiend. They are just a favorite of mine. (in my kitchen of course, I dislike store-bought) And they have been comming out great! Crusty and Crackly.  I've recently added sourdough to the mix and they have become even tastier. Living in Alaska in January they take a lot longer to rise but it's totally worth it. The shaping has been great too. I haven't had that spring back problem.  My problem comes after baking. I turn the loaf over and the seam has popped causing a huge crevasse in the bread.  Sure it still tastes amazing and sure, they still look pretty good on top. But if I didn't let little details bug me I probably woudln't be baking at home.  Any suggestions? I've closed the seam with the flat of my hand, and then gone over it again pinching it together. Am I over pinching?

Thanks!  Love the site.

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When I have that problem it is one of two causes:

1)    Too much oil in the container during the primary fermentation, or

2)    Too much loose flour used during shaping.

Either of these can cause the seam dough not to join.

Some people have said they are going to not using oil during the first rise.



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I use a very slack dough and don't roll it at all, so I have no seam.

I gently dump the dough on my work surface and VERY gently pat it out into a rectangle, slightly shorter than my baguette pans.  I then cut it into two pieces with my dough knife.

I pick up each piece and gently stretch it to length as I move it over to the baguette pans.  It rises in the baguette pans and turns out nicely. 


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Here's a link to the PBS site and a Julia Child video with Danielle Forestier in which Ms. Forestier demonstrates making a baguette along with the proper technique for sealing the seams.

Good luck,


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P.S. Note to previous post.  See bottom of PBS page "Prime Video Cuts" 1 & 2.