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Consider contributing to thefreshloaf

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Consider contributing to thefreshloaf

I've asked Floyd this question before about suggesting a contribution so I won't ask him again.  He is the lord and master of this website.  Maintaining and paying for websites is not free.  Therefore once more I am suggesting to all of us to consider contributing to as part of our end-of-year good cheer.  Not just as a font of knowledge and exchange of ideas and techniques for us all, but also for the entertaining aspect of the environment here. Over the year we spend a lot more money on things like just a few cups of coffee at a favorite cafe than the few coins we might contribute here.

As in the past I will once again contribute to the care and feeding of this website, much as I do with Wikipedia and several others.  Unless things have changed in the past 12 months, you can contribute at .  And no, I don't know Floyd and we've never met.

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And I must admit something that I never considered! Thanks Alfanso, a noble post.

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Thank you Alan, and thank you to the folks who made gifts this morning (including you).

Usually when my inbox fills up in the early AM it is spam alerts going off. This morning was a pleasant surprise. 

TFL continues to be a tremendous community full of kind and sharing people. Certainly there are days when my work here isn't all fun -- fighting back the spammers and tracking down intermittent technical glitches come to mind -- but overall it is a great pleasure to be a part of this.

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Thanks for the link!

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Al.. thanks for posting the link.. I just contributed and wouldn't have without you making the suggestion and providing the link.. In another post you mentioned a few of the ever helpful contributors on the site. Truthfully there are as you said, too many to mention.. and there are some that post every day and many days like dabrownman, lechem, danni, mini, clazar123 etc.. but it's even those that come out of the dark every once and a while and post something that it so simple, so on point, to almost make it all seem obvious in the bart simpson "duh" sort of way.. to only then vanish again for a while.. but their contribution is no less important.. and then there's guys like Trevor Wilson on the site that falls in that true professional category that you can connect with.. where else can you do that?  It's a great community and I'm grateful to be part of it.. even if I'm somewhere between being on here everyday, to vanishing into the weeds from time to time.. Thanks Floyd..

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Done and I will do it every year!


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it bears repeating: thank you much, all of you. It truly is humbling.

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Wanted to get this to the top again, so that some folks who haven't seen this can review it.

thanks, alan

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Wanted to get this to the top again, so that some folks who haven't seen this can review it.


Good idea. Thanks alan. I had missed it.

The link worked just fine.

Thanks floyd for your marvellous job :)






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Thanks!  I didn't know about the contributions if you wanted to do it.  I just donated.  Well worth it.  Merry Christmas to all!