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Thanks Floyd, where would we be without this forum!

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Thanks Floyd, where would we be without this forum!

Thanks Floyd, where would we be without this forum! 

I can only image the many hours you’ve spent building and maintaining a site of this size. The TFL is the ultimate source for “anything bread” related. How many places can we go to learn about the  Tangzhong Method? Both aspiring and accomplished bread baker’s frequent your site looking to give and also get help. I’ve made dear friends here. 

As I think about this topic, I’m also reminded of the users that post here. The countless hours donated by those that post helpful replies are astounding.  Many names come to mind, way too many to mention. I’d hate to fail to mention even one. You know who you are. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

I’ve used this site through the years. And in the countless hours I’ve spent here, I am unable to remember a single incident where someone was rude or willfully hurtful. What a testimony to the character of the typical bread baker. 

Merry Christmas all, and may the year of 2018 bless each and everyone of us with the bread baking and scoring skills of “alfanso”. 

Dan Ayo

Update: A user below mentioned that if anyone wants to show their appreciation to Floyd they can send a gift at . I don't mean to embarrass you Floyd, but we do appreciate you... I think for most, giving is easy, it's the accepting that can be difficult. So we've got the easy part :-)

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..and thank you, Floyd.

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Well honestly I have run across a few comments out there that have been less than , um, kind.  But they are few and far between and just reflect a diverse society as a whole.

Indeed thanks Floyd.  And I've asked Floyd this question before so I won't ask him again.  He is the lord and master of this website.  Maintaining and paying for websites is not free.  Therefore once more I am suggesting to all of us to consider contributing to  Not just as a font of knowledge and exchange of ideas and techniques for us all, but also for the entertaining aspect of the environment here. Over the year we spend a lot more money on things like just a few cups of coffee at a favorite cafe than the few coins we might contribute here.

As in the past I will once again contribute to the care and feeding of this website, much as I do with Wikipedia and several others.  Unless things have changed in the past 12 months, you can contribute at .  And no, I don't know Floyd and we've never met. address the baking and scoring skills comment.  Thanks, but no one should overlook the multitude of other contributors here who display top grade skills with a lame.  Just off the top of my head - we have jimbtv, bikeprof, dmsnyder, kendalm (making fast headway in the past 12 months), mukgling, and "scores" of others currently active here. 

And if there is any one thing that I feel I take away from this site, other than the obvious, and that stated above, is that  to me this is not a competition, but rather a community.



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And to second the part about cost - all the photos and comments occupy space somewhere in 'the cloud' - and despite the fact that memory is always getting cheaper it still costs something every month and hosts will flick a switch and bring you down in a second. One thing I often think about is that this site has such great google rankings there seems to be a whole lot more potential to take it to the next level - so many cool things coukd be done - ie improved 'modernized' interface, assistance for bakers who want to go pro (think about those members who have little community bakeries jimb, bikeprof etc) what about equipment deals ? Supply deals for online shops ?  This all became apparent the day I googled 'francine t55' and behold thr third result was my own post and photo right there on front page of google ... what the ? First page ! tfl has incredible ranking - dunno how floyd did that but I tip my hat thats genius seo (search engine optimization) 

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I understand the euphoric appreciation you have-I have experienced it many times in the last few years. This is a truly people-unifying site, no matter where in the world you are. I believe it is sites like this and people like all the Fresh-Loafers that prevent us from international catastrophes. People, everywhere, need to appreciate that other people are good, even if they are different in language, culture or appearance. Establish commonalities. Become a world culture.EVERY VOICE IS IMPORTANT. Every act of kindness makes a mark.

Floyd does a lot of work on this site and has been instrumental in establishing the culture here on TFL. Thank you, Floyd and Happy Holidays! Your voice is being heard!

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Thank you, Dan, Alan, and clazar. And, agreed, tremendous thanks to the numerous community members who share their time and expertise to help other bakers out here. 

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... being someone of lesser expertise in matters this forum so happily traverses, I am grateful for all who ask the questions as well as those who offer the guidance for possible cause and solutions.

For once, Proverbs has perhaps miscued with "[e]ven a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue (17:28)".

So my thanks as well to Floyd and all others who make it happen.

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Thank you Dan Ayo for your update and alfonso for information and especially thank you Floyd for providing and maintaining this forum.

Over the years I have collected quite a library of bread baking books but really so much of my practical knowledge and experience has come from the generous offerings of the members of this forum and I will be more than pleased to join in with a contribution.

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I will echo the thanks and warm sentiments already expressed in this topic. Floyd has managed to maintain this site's culture of mutual help and positive feelings in a remarkably unobtrusive manner.

I think I can be counted as one of the helpful home bakers on TFL. I am grateful for all the help and guidance I received when I was just starting my bread baking journey. I'm more than happy to continue and support this tradition.

Happy holidays and happy baking to all!