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A year later...

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A year later...

I've been very quiet -- mainly because I've spent the last year baking the same recipe over and over, tweaking it slightly until I've got it completely reproducible. I've varied the additions (various seeds, dried fruits, etc.), but the base bread has been the same. For 2018, I'm going to venture out of this comfort zone and get more experimental again.



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I am always impressed by those who have the dedication to do something over and over again until they get it just where they want it. I like to try new things so I dont often redo recipes. Those that I repeat are those that had amazing flavour as well as the qualities I am looking for. Unfortunately, I usually find that my first effort is better than my second. Ha ha!

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hopefully you will come up with a few more different beauties this next year. 

Happy baking

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You've certainly mastered this one!