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My Daily Bread: Bagels

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My Daily Bread: Bagels

Loosely based on Reinhardt's ratios in Artisan Breads Every Day (I use a mix of AP, bread and rye flours).  Will dig out the last of our home-smoked salmon from the freezer today, and enjoy for lunch.

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looks great! do you mind sharing the recipe? i was just about to start a batch of bagels this evening... 

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Sure!  I use a stand mixer (and measures, not weights):


2 c. bread flour

1 1/2 c. AP flour

½ c. rye flour

2 t. table salt

1 ¼ c. water @ 100 degrees

1 ½ t. active dry yeast

1-2 t. barley malt syrup


Whisk together flours and salt.  Activate the yeast in the warm water, stir in the malt syrup and add the liquids to the dry.   Using a stand mixer outfitted with a dough hook, mix at lowest speed until dough looks scrappy  - about 4 minutes.   Increase speed to second notch and continue mixing until the dough is cohesive, smooth and stiff – about 8-10 minutes.

Turn on to a work surface and divide in 8 portions (regular size bagels) or 12 portions (mini-bagels).  Make smooth balls, cover and rest for 15 minutes.

Form the bagels and place on a parchment-lined baking sheet.  Cover tightly with plastic and refrigerate 12-18 hours.

Pre-heat an oven to 450 degrees.  Fill a large kettle with 3” of water and bring to a rapid boil.  Lower heat to a simmer, and add 1 t. each baking soda, salt and malt syrup to the boil.

About 15 minutes before baking, remove the bagels from the refrigerator and rest at room temperature (I find if I go longer than 15 minutes the bagels get too soft and hard to handle, losing their shape).

Working 3-4 at a time, drop the dough rings topside down into the simmering water.   Simmer for 30 seconds, turn the bagels over, and simmer another 30 seconds.  Remove bagels to a rack and drain, bottom-side down.

When all the bagels have been boiled, bake immediately on a baking sheet for 14-15 minutes.

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look consistently perfect otherwise! Well done indeed!  I grill extra salmon for dinner just for breakfast the next morning:-)

Happy bagel making 

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... I prefer them a little darker myself.  Right now having issues with my sheet pans, which are old and dark and retaining heat.  If I don't take measures, the bottoms of things can burn before the tops are baked.    Today I was baking ginger-snaps, and had to stack two pans together under two layers of silpat, and another two layers of parchment to keep the bottoms of the cookies from burning.   The bagels were baked on a single pan under two layers of silpat and one layer of parchment.  The bottoms came out just fine, although the tops are (as you noted) a little pale.  Next time I will double down on the pans and see if I can keep them in the oven a few minutes more (or just cave and buy new pans.  :|    ).