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Deactivated yeast

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Deactivated yeast

How can i deactivate yeast? Since deactivated yeast relaxes doughs.

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Maybe you can rephrase.

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Deactivated yeast can be used as a flour improver - mainly commercially, now that big bakers are being forced to move to more natural ingredients, at least in some parts of the world.

One such product is Lesafffre Bakers Bonus

At home, I guess you could try gently heating a fresh yeast in water mix to, say, 72C, to kill off the microbial activity, then cool down quickly


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That should kill it for sure!

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Or maybe you could do a trial using the health supplement known as "Brewers Yeast Tablets"? Available in the UK and presumably elsewhere. I think it's also probably deactivated yeast, tabletised with a small amount of binder.

Bakers Bonus has an addition rate of 0.5%, so start with that. Grind up the tabs and add to the flour.



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Mini Oven

:)   don't burn it... in a small fry pan.  Stir constantly.

I would mix it with a little flour first so you can see the color changes better. 


I think the cheapest way is just to leave some yeast in a package or jar inside the car on a hot sunny day.