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Help on baking in the stone based oven sourdough

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Help on baking in the stone based oven sourdough

Dear all until now I have been baking with success in the Dutch oven sourdough bread with good holes and crust. the starter  is very good and never had problem since I move to stone based oven. I am using 250C top @240C bottom and steaming once at the beginning .

I have a big stone based  steamed commercial oven  and can bake 6 loafs at the time . but the result are really bad

I m using % 75 hydration

bread is coming out flat and very sticky, is there a way I can improve.? could you recommend a way or a book for commercial ovens

do I need to prove it long time ? is there a structure of basic steps I need to fallow , I am open to change the way I bake, 

I am using  200grm of starter for each 1 kg flour and 700 grams of water and add the 50 arms water with 25grm salt.

I do 4 fold every 30 mins for 4-5 times and I weigh 1 kg,  and places the dough in a basket raped in cotton sheet and leave  overnight in the fridge . I take out the dough from the fridge and  to start baking in the oven   

I use %13 protein organic flour and my starter is organic too.

any help or tips appreciated 




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Are you sure the oven is preheating sufficiently, and perhaps there is too much steam.  Get a spot checker (infrared thermometer) and try adjusting the amount of steam.

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but it could be that the way I do it .I don’t do any pre rasing before. I take out the the dough from the fridge and straight into oven. 

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I  and many others bake retarded, shaped loaves straight from the fridge with good success, so that shouldn't be the problem.