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Out, not up!

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Out, not up!

Does it still count as oven spring if it goes out instead of up?  I'm thinking I slashed too deep because it was all going so well. I'm not disappointed even if this is classed as a failure - it tastes very nice.

My little apprentice helped me weigh out and mix the following...

100g starter 100% hydration

270g water

332g white bread flour

76g white spelt flour

38g white rye flour

100g cottage cheese

8g dried onion flakes (hydrated for ten minutes in the water) 

8g salt 

15g millet

Heaped TSP dried sage

Into a soft slightly sticky dough. 2 X 2 minute sessions in the mixer with a 10 minute rest in the middle. 

I did 2 stretch and folds at 1hr and 2hrs and the bulk was about 5 hrs in total, although my kitchen was very chilly this weekend! 

Into the banneton after a gentle pre shape and a slightly firmer proper shape. 3 hours final proof and...

It didn't seem over priced and the finger poke was very satisfactory but there's no denying the spread. The crumb and crust seem good though? Any theories from you experts as to the lack of ooomph? Thanks in advance.

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Lechem (not verified)

Cottage cheese, onion, millet, sage... I can only imagine. And a nice blend of flour too. Rye and Spelt really compliment each other. This bread looks lovely. Your little apprentices face says it all. A success all round. 

You're far more adventurous than me. I really need to try something like this. Thank you for the recipe. 

- Abe

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I have to Google some of your add ins :-)

Thanks a lot. The taste is great, quite subtle, but it all works very well together. 

He wouldn't give me a proper smile, that's as close as we got but he does like helping his daddy with the bread. Just wish he'd eat it... He makes us cut the crust off the white sliced!

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Its not oven spring if it doesn't go up. Maybe we can cal it oven ooze! LOL It seems to be a bot overproofed to me, but it looks good and my mantra is that of I can eat it then its a success!