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Triple rise?

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Triple rise?

My latest loaf is the best i have ever made but was a bit of a cock up in the process.  I made as usual and did the first rise then shaped and put in the tin.  It was taking forever to rise so decided to put it in the fridge overnight but forgot to cover it.  Remembered about it the next afternoon where it had 3/4 risen but the top was hard as I didn't cover.  Knocked back again turning the hard top inside and kneaded again.  Left to rise for a further 2 hours, cold here at the mo and taking a while, then baked as normal.  Not only is the flavour really good but the texture is perfect.  Going to try just a triple rise next time without the other steps to see if that works.

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Keep in mind that, at some point, the yeast will run out of food, so there is a limit to how many times you can allow a full rise. Your previous experience included some time in the fridge, which slowed down the fermentation.