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Spherical bread?

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Kirsten's Kitchen

Spherical bread?

Hi, I'm an amateur sourdough baker,  and so my bread isn't very consistent yet,  but I'm having a new problem? My bread is too round? I bake in a bread cloche, and the bread has a flat side going into the oven, but over puffs and stays more like a sphere? Why? Help?

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Would you be able to slice into the loaf and provide us with a picture of the cross section (crumb)?

Also, it would be helpful if you could copy down your recipe, along with the procedures you followed.

Got to admit... that's some pretty impressive oven spring!


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What's wrong with it? Looks good to me!


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I would love to get a puffed up rise like that. Please tell us more about your recipe!

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We all strive to get boules like that! How do you do it?

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i love the look of your bread...have previously ended up flatter

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Mini Oven

I suspect a large air pocket...     I know I'm a skeptic but the background.... does it look like zero gravity?    

....?....     :)

The only problem I see with a sphere is it might take a few extra seconds to decide where to start cutting.  One could start anywhere!

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The new bakery on the ISS?

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Lechem (not verified)

What a problem to have. Most problems are something like there's no oven spring. Great look loaf and would love to see the crumb.

I know what you mean though and I'm suspecting that the loaf crusted over too quickly and the scoring didn't open up. The expanding gas had no where to go causing your loaf to "spring" from the bottom side too. Normally it bursts from the side when this happens but it looks like the crust prevented this from happening too much.

Answer, if indeed I've gotten this correct, would be steam and you'll find it'll open up and oven spring in more the way you're after.

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... en route to "breadyland"? 

This must almost defy repeating. Holiday challenge???

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Mini Oven


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I’ll teach you how to make flat bread if you teach me how to make round ones ;-)  

Please send a picture of the sliced bread so we can see the crumb. And I’d also like to see an image of the cloche.

I’m guessing, most of us would love to know how you did that.

If you can, the recipe or formula would be great also.