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Best panettone recipe?

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Best panettone recipe?

Anyone have any opinions on which is likely to be the best panettone recipe of the two here? Bruno's and Bakery Bit's?

Tricky one to answer but I'm struggling to decide which one to plump for.

Bakery Bit's seems to make use of aroma panettone to avoid the bread not rising due to weight of fruit, while Bruno's doesn't seem too worried about this.

Otherwise one seems to use a proper sourdough starter the other a biga/poolish/pre-ferment? 


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Neither of these look particularly good. If you want average panettone, pick either one. If you want a great recipe, search Iginio Massari panettone recipe; it’s on TFL here but I don’t recall the user who posted. The dough should be built in two stages.

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Slightly off-topic but pertinent.  I'm a panettone newbie (baking, not eating).  My copy of Hitz's pastry book with his recipe arrived yesterday, and I have many others to choose from.  On TFL I've seen pics of baked loaves suspended on skewers (upside down?).  Not in Hitz's recipe, but he's making little loaves.  Could someone please share the recommendations for the proper cooling method of this treat?  Thanks!

Hope to start next week; the fioira di sicilia & paper pans just arrived.  Also have to get my husband's grandmother's pecan fruitcake done (need another 2 months before Christmas).

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if yo are a moderately advanced baker then I would suggest that you search for his many posts and recipes on Panettone here.  If not then I would suggest trying a less difficult path of anther Fresh Lofian - Susan ta wildyeastblog,com.  I have made here version several times here with a link to her site

New Year’s Panettone - 2014
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Michael Wilson is the one I was remembering. Thanks for being more directly helpful!