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Tartine country loaf 1st trial

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Tartine country loaf 1st trial

just finished my first tartine loaf! 

Crust is super crunchy which I love, as you can see I got a medium crumb, not fully there yet, I had some trouble with the dough being very hydrated when shaping before bench rest, since it says not to use a lot of flour.

any tips on how to improve it?

Also I noticed it is a bit on the sour side, how do I get it to be a bit less sour And more sweet ?

realy need your advice guys! 


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You are off to a good start in chasing Chad.  Practice is going to be an important thing, which will help everything, including shaping, which seems like an issue.  Go watch lots of shaping videos, including my  man Mac from SFBI:

Dave Miller:

Chad himself:

And this guy:

As for less sour bread...getting your starter very active, using less levain, and using a younger levain can help.  Go read this as a reference (and think about favoring the yeast in your starter - more rise, less sour) :

Best of luck...

And just might consider a different bread knife (that loaf is pretty mangled)... :