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Thanksgiving Loaf

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Thanksgiving Loaf

Started this the night before. 40% white whole wheat, 55% AP, 5% rye, 77% H2O, 1/8 TSP yeast. It went too fast to get a photo of the crumb, but it was quite open. The yeast is SAF-Instant that I bought in 2013. It's expiration date was 12/14. It has been refrigerated since purchase. Powerful stuff.

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Looks great.

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and this looks like a great one.

Well done and happy baking Jims

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Mini Oven

It took forever for the photo to download for me.  But it was worth it slowly watching your lovely loaf appear, a slow "dropping of the curtain" as it came in.  

Just Lovely!   

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That is a lovely loaf with amazing oven spring! I love that organic look!

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Thank you all for the kind comments.

My current life does not allow for the maintenance of a wild yeast starter. On the occasions when I can bake, I rely on my stash of domestic yeast. As I mentioned above, for this loaf I used 1/8 tsp of SAF-Instant that is three years past its use-by-date! It is still pretty perky.