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Seriously seeded

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Seriously seeded

I stumbled on this post of Sweetbird's from quite a while ago. I couldn't help but give it a try, her take on the recipe seemed odd... The recipe itself seemed odd. Marinated seeds, blitzed up seeds, both new ideas on me. I realised after committing, I had no soy sauce... Worcester sauce served as a stand in admirably - it had too!

I had some pretty serious doubts as the bulk progressed, the dough seemed very heavy, very sluggish. I followed Sweetbird's recipe (other than the Worcester sauce), but I added the nuts into the mixer towards the end of the cycle. Even after the bulk had finished and I preshaped it felt airy but not light, weird. 

I baked it with crossed fingers. My usual technique, Dutch oven with lid for 15 minutes and bake off until cooked through. 

It tastes good, but it's just a little stodgy. I would like to know what Ortiz's take on the sourdough version would be... if anyone has the book? I'll make a few tweaks myself if not because this concept demands attention. Any ideas gratefully received.

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Lechem (not verified)

To find no soy and substitute for worcestershire. I wonder what the salt content is for both of them and for the one in the original recipe. Something to look into. 

I love lots of seeds in a bread and your take on it looks delicious. This bread has gotta toast up really well. I've done Hamelman's seeded sourdough and it was a lovely recipe. 

Bon Appetit.