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Christmas List Ideas!!

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Christmas List Ideas!!

Hi Everyone! 

Ive got friends asking for Christmas gift ideas. I’ve already dabbled in sourdough baking but my goal for next eat is to bake a new bread every week. Doesn’t have to be a loaf, could be croissants or english muffins, but something bread and yeast related! 

Ive got bannetons, a lame, cloche, baking stone and the linen cloth. 

Any suggestions for quirky or cool present ideas to give people? 

Maybe some specialist tins or equipment? 

Thanks guys! 

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  •  broad and Taylor. Proofing cabinet
  • Thermapen
  • Kd8000 scale
  • cotton bread bag
  • bread maker apprentice book. 
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Scrapers, bowl covers, screens to sift out bran or dust your bannetons, cambro buckets with lids (I love my 4 and 6 quart buckets), baguette trays, lava rocks for steam, Dutch ovens, linen couches. 

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Mini Oven

dishtowels.  Large ones!   And how about assorted baskets?   

I have all my baking goodies on a 3 tier roll out rack that rolls into a closet and hides behind a curtain between bakes.    Cooking mitts.  Cooling racks.  Spring form pans.  Lots of hooks for hanging on equipment and a bucket for utensils.

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...and a bread box.

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All the above.  Just bought myself an early gift of a long clay baker (15" x 5") for lots of even slices for us and the neighbors with kids.  Used that KA free shipping because I needed 2 small items that would cost too much without it.  Breadtopia also makes a good long baker.   Love my KD8000 (8 months old).  MyWeigh provides excellent customer service (issues go through them, not Amazon or other vendors).  30-year warranty.  No-hassle return (they don't fuss with parts, just send a new scale for whatever reason). 

Oh, I love the StarPack silicone spatulas (Amazon); best I've ever tried.  They're one-piece, have a steel core and don't bend; my first set is 3 years old, gets used daily, and looks new (hand-washed, but DW safe and no BPA).  You can also sign up to be a new product tester  Have fun shopping!.