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Hi, New to baking

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Hi, New to baking

 Am a senior citizen, a old lady,  LOL who is taking a step in making breads as I am tired of nasty store bought breads.  Hubby had to retire due to injury at work, so he is home to help me as I have health problems.  It is the two of and our disabled son and two dogs at home.  We live in Ohio on the border of two other states and right now we are getting ready for a few days of some really cold weather.  Will be nice to warm up the house baking bread.

My mixer died and so I bought as a early Christmas gift a mixer that has all that is needed to make bread.  The first loaf I have made (not counting banana bread) is in the bathroom with a heater to keep it warm is what I hope will be some nice yeast rolls, dinner rolls.

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Itself makes you feel warm regardless of whether its actually warm - its one of the best aromas - how exciting that you are jist getting started theres plenty of advice and helpful members here have fun and post lots of photos ! 

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i only started this year and love will be hooked...and home made bread is wonderful. I can now do a raisin bread a white bread dinner rolls and burger rolls and my newest is Italian bread. We just can’t eat it fast enough. Enjoy your new skill. Your freezer will soon be full.