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Sprouted Buckwheat and Quinoa Sourdough with Toasted Black Sesame Seeds

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Sprouted Buckwheat and Quinoa Sourdough with Toasted Black Sesame Seeds

Like others, I have been reading Trevor's book and hoping to improve the openness (is that a word?) of my crumb. So I worked on a few things while making this loaf. I probably should have changed only one thing at a time but impatience and all of that. So my changes were:

1. My levain builds: I went from 1:1:1, 1:0.6:0.6, 1:0.58:0.59, 1:1.4:1.76 to 1:1:1.2, 1:1.8:2.25, 1:2.5:3.19. Instead of tripling in 4-5 hours, it took 10-12 hours to slightly more than double. I am rethinking this way of doing things.

2. Bulk ferment: I usually do 3-4 sets of folds every half hour to 45 minutes during the beginning of the bulk ferment and then let the dough double. This time, I did folds every half hour to 45 minutes for the first 3 sets of folds and then did 2 more sets about an hour apart. It took the same amount of time as usual and I did really like how the dough felt when I took it out of the buckets for dividing.

3. Shaping: My normal procedure is to be fairly firm when preshaping and doing the final shaping. I pull the dough firmly and wrap it over itself. This time, I tried to be more gentle in order to keep as much of the gas as possible and instead of pulling the dough towards myself with my hands for the final rounding, I used the dough scraper to gently round it similar to what Trevor does in his videos. The dough felt like it had good tension but it wasn't as tight as when I do it with my hands. It definitely was not degassed as much as usual. 

4. My sweet spot for proofing in the fridge is 10-12 hours but this time, I let it go an extra 2 hours. I didn't feel like getting up at 4 am to preheat the oven for baking at 5 am. I like my bed too much. ;-) Note to self: Get up even if you don't feel like it.

So, long story short, I need to redo this recipe using my usual methods and see if I get a better looking loaf. I haven't cut into it yet to check out the crumb but the oven spring is definitely not what I would like. The loaves aren't totally flat but they sure could use a bit more lift.

Anyhow, here is the recipe:

1. Spout 75 g of buckwheat groats and 50 g of quinoa over 48 hours. Refrigerate until needed.

2. Toast in a dry frying pan 25 g of black sesame seeds.

3. Autolyse all above with 550 g of unbleached flour, 200 g of multigrain flour, 60 of freshly milled buckwheat flour, 142 g of Selkirk wheat flour, 50 freshly ground flax, and 725 g of water.

4. Mix in 22 g salt, 30 g organic full fat yogurt and 266 g of 80% hydration levain. Mix by hand until moderate gluten development.

5. Bulk ferment by doing 3 sets of folds 30-45 minutes apart then do two more sets an hour apart. The dough rose about 50% and felt nice and billowy.

6. Divide into ~770 g portion and pre-shape loosely. Let rest 10-15 minutes and then shape into boules. Place into bannetons and cover.

7. Proof in fridge overnight.

8. The next morning, bake right out of the fridge in a 475 F preheated oven in covered dutch ovens. Drop temp to 450F for 25 minutes and then bake for a further 20-22 minutes uncovered at 425 F. 

I will have a crumb shot once I cut one of the loaves open. 




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Sounds like a good experiment.  The outside looks terrific.  Can't wait to see the crumb to see if it's more open.

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I can't believe how open the crumb turned out to be in spite of not getting huge oven spring! Who would have thunk?!?!

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What a beautiful bake!  Your skills are boundless.

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Thank you!

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Great looking loaves! I think I need to try this one - thanks for posting the recipe.


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You are very creative with your add ins... Another success, well done.

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Now you know that spring doesn't relate that closely to crumb openness! I can't tell you how many times this same thing has happened to me ......and the reverse too.  Great spring = closed crumb!  i'm hoping the same thing happens to me tomorrow. with a chock full prune, pecan and cranberry  SD that will hard to lift.  I did get one fruitcake baked off too.

This one has to be one tasty loaf for sure!  Well done and happy baking Danni

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I am doing a few test bakes to see what happens using the ideas I gleaned from your other post. I just sifted the bran out of some Wholewheat flour I had in the cupboard, (nothing special though) and have started the first build of the Levain: 3g:3g:4g. Will keep you posted.