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Howdy all from mid MO.

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Bread rat.

Howdy all from mid MO.

Hello from mid MO. About 60 miles west of St. Louis. For the past month or so I've made four to six loaves of bread a week. But don't consider myself an avid baker. The bread i'm most interested in making would have an even and heavy crumb. I guess that what it would be called. Something I can cut thin for sandwiches. That will hold up to being handled. 

I've experimented with one recipe. "Sister Virginia's Daily Loaf". Page 60 in Bernard Clayton's "New complete Book of Breads ( revised ). First time i made it the bread was two sweet. But i liked the way the bread handed as a sandwich. So I reduced the sugar. And after a few more experiments I've found that ever small thing I do creates a different tasting bread. Now starting this bread with a sponge. Leaving the fats out until I start adding the remaining flour. Not adding the salt till the last few cups of flour. Even this gave the bread a different taste. I love this. For me making bread is to much fun to worry about being precise. 

Been reading this forum for at least a week. I have a lot of questions. Like the discussion of using a 1/4 inch steel plate. That and more. But all that can wait. I'll ask my questions in the appropriate areas of the forum. For now I just wanted to say howdy. There is a rat in the kitchen and he's having fun in the bread!

Bread rat. 

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Mini Oven

We have a lot of fun here...  Always something going on.

I'm in the middle of Laos, out in the jungle practically on the Mekong river and just got my hands on the 15th edition of "The Bread Baker's Apprentice" by Peter Reinhart.   Who would have believed it?  Me not  Also available to read, a copy of "Flour, Water, Salt,Yeast!"     It's like Christmas come early!    

With six loaves of bread a week, I'd call you "avid."   

Lots of Cheer,

Mini O bookworm