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Hello from the South coast of the UK.

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Andy Baker

Hello from the South coast of the UK.

Hello everybody. I'm Andy and I am an amateur baker living on the South coast of England. I have been baking bread at home for a few years after I was given a one day introductory bread making course as a birthday gift. I bake once or twice a month and make anything from basic white bread and rolls to sourdough. Looking forward to learning a lot from this community.


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Welcome. This is a great site with lots of fantastic information and very helpful people.  I'm in UK too. Love it that you get all the different time zones  posting at different times.  USA just walking up now!!

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.... you're just down the road from me (on the Solent) :-)

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good to have you on board - im across the water in ireland  - youll find the best time to ask questions is late in the night as most of the users here are west of us but it makes interesting reading every morning and people are pretty goo at getting on the case of whatever problem, request you have - it has been an invaluable tool for me....ive learnt so much