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Comments on Brod & Taylor Folding Proofer?

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Comments on Brod & Taylor Folding Proofer?

Does anybody have the Brod & Taylor folding proofer?  I'm eyeing it and considering putting it on a Christmas wishlist.

I've heard complaints that it doesn't get warm enough but the company says the air shouldn't be at x temp.  If the air is at that temp the product inside is likely too hot.

Just wondering if anybody has experience with bread.  Also, anybody make yogurt or slow cook in it?  I do both those things pretty regularly, too and I already have dedicated devices.  But I'd love to pare down.

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...and then only in the winter months - it works very well for me.

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Several people on Fresh Loaf beta tested this during development. I wonder if those posts are still available.

I bought one because I lived in Wisconsin and needed a more consistent warmth to raise my bread-otherwise it would take forever! I was thrilled when my starter became more yeasty, my bread rose in a reasonable timeframe and my cultured milks(kefir,yogurt) were delicious rather than so sour. It was expensive but definitely worth it to me at the time. The fold-up feature was great. I didn't expect every corner of the inside to maintain a temp to 5 decimal places- our kitchens aren't the space station! I never expected to slow cook in it, either. I am pretty sure that capability was an afterthought and part of a new movement of extreme low temp "cooking" that developed after its development.

Here is one of the posts:

Unfortunately, ehanner passed away a few years ago but perhaps some of the other posters/beta testers are still around.

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It is the best thing I have purchased for bread making. It sets up and can be put away in about 15 seconds. I use it to for my starters and for proofing. I have tried the cooler with a lightbulb and found it to be a real pain, Highly recommended!

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I bought one a year or two ago and it works great. Even though the temp is about 90 (it's adjustable but I leave it at that), it is a warm 90 as opposed to my new oven which has proofing setting of 100.  I like the size of the proofer and as others say, it folds and stores.  I only use it during winter months and it kick starts my early dough. 

Another option is to boil some water or at least heat it, put it in the oven with your dough and close the door.  The ambient heat will create a faux proofer.  Cheaper option but less reliable.

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I use it more in the winter of course . It is indispensable for Panettone !


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Brod and Taylor too hot

ive bought A proofer, can anyone who has one clarify the temp for me.  Had to send it back as the LED screen wasn't working, put some dough in it this morning and three hours later my dough is over proofed.  Temp on LED is  twenty one c, dough read forty two with my probe, water reservoir had dried out too. Been on the site and loads  of comments mention air wouldn't feel as hot as you think it should be, but surely the dough temp should read somewhere near the LED screen , otherwise what's the point. Problem is I bought it from bakery bits, not sure if I have to go through the,or straight to brod and Taylor.  Any suggestions ?

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First thing to do is put a thermometer inside so you know exactly what the temp is. I did that when I first bought mine and it was +/- 1 degree. If it is off much more that it is defective and you need to send it back.

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Just put my thermo in. Readin 48c and it’s been off for 2 hours. Checked to see if I had it on slow cooker mode !  Second time this has been back not very happy. 

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Wow. 48C after it has been off? Definitely something wrong.