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Hovis flour

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Hovis flour


 My brother and SIL came to lunch to day, they live about 50 miles away.

 Where they live is an shop that sells lots of English stuff.

So they brought me down a 1 Kg bag of Hovis flour, and some Thorntons toffees.

 Now I can use my Hovis tins for the a couple of proper Hovis loaves.

 I think maybe I will dilute the flour with a little

white flour,

.   qahtan

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qahtan, did they bring you treacle toffee? My all time favorite but it is all delicious. I am soooooo jealous, A.

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I am using hovis right now :)  It makes quite nice bread.......Why not try sifting the whole wheat flour and using it by its self? Thats what I do if I desire a less meal-ey bread........I like the taste also. :)


I have found that the meal in this flour is too large though. I have been using Dove farm organice wholemeal/wholewheat and using the lot of it, and it has a much smaller husk size which enhances the rbead flavour rather than IMO taking from it.

I hope you enjoy it :)



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 It is the plain toffee, but good.  they were both in the UK in October, they then brought me back a large jar of Bovril.

Oh and yesterday we had a box of Mr Kipling Christmas pudding slices.

I do mill my own Whole Wheat flour, but it's the malted flavour I don't have. even if I put malt into the recipe, you know the thick treacle sort of stuff, it's not the same.

I also put extra wheat germ in the bread......   qahtan>>>>>>>>

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 I noticed in your blog that you made stollen. this is mine if you want to try it.. qahtan

Stollen, Tried and True sainsbury’s

12 ozs white bread flour, I use regular all purpose.
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoon yeast, (easy blend)
1/4 pint milk so this is 5 fluid ozs UK, and 4 fluid ozs U S.
3 ozs softened butter
2 ozs sugar
1 egg
2 ozs currants
2 ozs raisins
4 ozs sultanas (white raisins)
1 oz mixed peel chopped fine
2 ozs cherries, quartered
1 ozs chopped walnuts, (I left these out)
6 ozs almond paste
4 ozs icing sugar
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

Set oven to 375'

Mix salt with flour and place in warm bowl, place in low oven few minutes to completely warm flour mix, add yeast and stir in. Warm milk, butter and sugar, stir to dissolve. Whisk egg into liquid make sure it's not hot only warm, then pour onto flour mix. Mix well until the mixture leaves the sides of the bowl cleanly, now add fruit and walnuts if wanted. Turn out onto board and knead 5 minutes, until fruit are evenly distributed through dough. Return to bowl, cover with Saran/cling film and leave in warm place to double.

Turn out, lightly knead a moment, roll into oblong about 14 inches x 8 inches. Roll almond paste into sausage-shape about 13 inches long, lay down middle of dough, then roll dough round it, squeeze ends to close. Neaten shape, place on oiled baking sheet, cover with damp clean tea towel, when well risen bake about 35 minutes, at 375F. Allow to cool, remove from baking sheet to cooling rack.

Meanwhile mix icing sugar with enough lemon juice to make stiff paste, spread on warm stollen add a few extra chopped cherries down center, let cool completely, This recipe freezes well. I added extra almond paste.

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I have just Googled Doves Farm Organics, and I see now how you come to be baking with Hovis flour..... Doves Farm is in UK. 

I am in Canada and Hovis is not readily available here, unless there happens to be one shop that imports some UK favourites. 

And then if you want it you have to pay a good price  for it,   :-)))  qahtan    


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qahtan, where is your SIL in Canada that she can buy Hovis flour?  Someone brought me some once from England and I love the bread it makes.  I've even tried to replicate it myself with ww flour, some malted wheat sprouts, and some extra wheat germ but it's definitely not the same thing.


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 I think we have spoken to each other before.;-))))

Sheila & Roy live in Oakville, and she got the flour from a shop in Bronte, It's a shop that sells a lot of English stuff, I called them earlier to get me some Bovril, you can get the liquid and the packets but I like the the thick stuff in the dumpy jars. Also another bag of flour, and a Marks and Spencers Christmas cake...

 Where are you ????? I am in St Catharines, 15 minutes from Niagara Falls, and 50 miles from Oakville.  qahtan

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We have "spoken" before, on that other flour site, the Canadian one.  I live in Montreal, but I've got a brother in Toronto and I'm wondering if maybe he would.....nah, not very likely.  Oh well, I guess we'll just have to pack up the car and drive down there ourselves, come summer, if it ever comes.

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What is the name of the store where the Hovis flour can be bought?  I might be able to persuade my brother after all.  Thanks.

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 I will check with my brother and let you know. I know it is in Bronte, not in Oakville proper. and as far as I know only sell English imported stuff.

Today he got some Roses lime marmalade in there..... qahtan