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Croissants take a half step forward

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Croissants take a half step forward

Quick snap of one of 6 croissants baked today that are showing signs of improvement. Firat few attempts at these yeilded sandwich bread style crumb and now slowly seeing better and better results with the occasional step backwards. This bake invokved a change up whereby I decided that in order to improve the crumb, I needed to find a way to deliver more heat to these guys and did so by baking directly on the stone (well almost with a single layer of parchment). I had previously been using a fairly large pan which despite being a convenient vessle of transfer from bench to oven seems to hog a lot of the potential energy and results in a sluggish rise. This bake instead was performed by peeling off the proofed pastries to the hot stone and as a result popped farily quickly. i did notice the crumb was still a bit moist leading me to believe a boost of about 15 or 20 degrees might help.

One thing about croissants though is that no matter how bad you screw up they are almost always edible and sort of addicting. Whatecer the case, may the quest for the perfect croissant continue ...