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quick question on Tartine rye method

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quick question on Tartine rye method

hi all

about to make my first tartine method rye bread, i have mixed the dough by hand waiting 30 min to add salt... i have a regular dutch oven not the one he describes so i will use another similar one with parchment paper for the loaf resting period so i can lift and lower into hot one prior to baking is this ok?


also, the rice flour? shall i add to the parchment paper to avoid it sticking?



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Hi jr07

I always proof my loaves in a bowl lined with parchment paper and then lift the whole bundle into the hot Dutch oven. After baking the parchment paper pulls of easily, no rice flour added and no sticking. 

Cautionary note. I once ran out of my white parchment paper and used the brownish "non stick" baking paper that my wife uses for the mysterious art of cake making. I spent an hour or more with a sharp knife scraping it off my two loaves. Beware of substitutes!

Good luck with the tartine.