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Hi, just joined the site

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das brot

Hi, just joined the site

I recently started eating real sourdough bread again.   I had avoided all bread for years until I understood that the lectins in seeded and whole grain breads were the problem, not the plain flour.  Anyway, I am looking for a great sourdough recipe that only uses unbleached white flour.  I have a great sourdough on my counter and have attempted a few loaves this past week.  Thanks much


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Lechem (not verified)

Lectins? You'll have to explain that one to me. 

Here is a lovely recipe...


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Gentle One

Just a suggestion--if you post your question in one of the forums, you' get a metric ton of suggestions.  Generally speaking, nearly all of us use unbleached flour.  In the search function, look for Norwich sourdough, or go to the Breadwerx website (Trevor is a member here) for some good recipes, or the Weekend Bakery website for a good sourdough recipe, or for a good recipe.  Some may have added rye or whole wheat flour, but you can substitute white flour in an equal amount.

May your bread always rise!